Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day

Last night I was reading a post about Mother's Day.  I left a small comment.  I kept thinking about that post I had read.  I went back and left another comment.  As I was shutting down and getting ready for bed, that post and my comment were in my head.  In my mind I kept writing.

Earlier I had come across the "90 posts in 90 days challenge" from RoutineHabit.com.  I decided to take this challenge.  I'm new at blogging and I'm thinking that this will be the kick in the butt that I need to get moving.

So, ah, ha.  Mother's Day.  I will write about my mother.  I Love My Mother.  I Love and Miss My Mother.  My Mother was the Best Mother.  Now you see, this article I read was about an alcoholic mother.  My mother was an alcoholic.  But my mother was so much more than that.  She had this wry sense of humor that many people had a hard time understanding.  I inherited that or so I'm told.  My mother had a love for the outdoors and all that could be found out there.  She loved the sun.  She loved her plants that grew in that sun. I inherited that.

My mother loved to create.  She was a journalist, a crafter, a cook and much more.  I inherited that.

One thing that I know my Mom is missing is this age of blogging.  She would be perfect for the blogging world and all that can be done.  I wish that she were here so we could figure this out together.  I Miss My Mom.

My Mom was the best that she could be.  And my mom was an alcoholic.  I inherited that.


  1. Dear sister- you also inherited her knack for writing. This is awesome and I hope you continue blogging. KG

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  3. I miss her too. She was a great grandmom and a great lady. Don't think for a second that you didn't inherit that too. It's ok that you inherited the things that you did, because it's bigger than that -you have all your own good things that one day I'll write a blog about how I'm so glad I inherited them and how I miss you every single day.